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During the years we have increased our experience and thanks to it we are able to follow our customers in details and we can produce fittings, working both on drawings and on samples.

The innovation of taste has taken the bath furnishings towards more modern and more essential lines, using a lot of materials such as stainless steel, crystal and high quality woods (for example oak and wengé wood).

Our factory satisfies every customer’s demand, producing cabinets, accessories and wash basins.
Finishes are made of stainless steel, satin and transparent glass, chromed brass, wengé wood and glossy colours.

So we want to show you our production made of essential lines combined to functional furniture; we would like to make you see the wide range of accessories, mirrors and lamps and let you understand that we are at your complete disposal for supplying you the products on our catalogue and for realizing your own drawings.

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